Editable Template Tutorials

Picture Tutorials for Editing Your Party Printables

 Quick answers for editing your party printables in Adobe Reader.  (This only applies to products marked as editable.)

** You will need a COMPUTER and Adobe Reader to edit your file.

** Please note: ONLY the text is editable, not the rest of the design. Clipart cannot be added or removed.  Colors cannot be changed (except text colors).

- How do editable templates work?
- How do I open my PDF in Adobe Reader?
- How do I open the Text Properties Box?
- How do I change the words?
- How do I change the TEXT SIZE?
- How do I change the TEXT COLOR?
- How do I change the FONT?
- How do I center the text?
- How do I move the words up, down, left, or right?
- How do I move the words closer together?
- How do I get rid of extra formatting?
- How do I turn off (or on) the blue highlight boxes?

Having Trouble?
Please read my Editing Troubleshooting Tips for more help.

Want Me To Edit For You?
Purchase this add-on listing and I will edit the text for you.

Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial

Learn how to edit your party printables from start to finish with these step-by-step picture tutorials.

picture tutorial for pink and gold water bottle stickers      Picture Tutorial for Graduation Cupcake Toppers

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