Editable Tutorial: How Do I Move the Text?

Download the file to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader.  (My files will not work on phones or tablets; only on computers.)

Highlight the words. Open the Text Properties Box by pressing CTRL and E (or CMD and E on a MAC).
(View alternate way to open the properties box.)

How to Edit Your Editable Party Decorations

After you type your words and possibly make the words bigger, you may find that the words are not centered vertically in the space. Each font is different and some tend to hang lower in the text box.

The easiest way to move the text up is to simply press "Enter" or "Return" on your computer keyboard.
- Click at the right side of the word on the bottom line of text and press "Enter" or "Return" to move the text up.
- Or move the words down by clicking at the left side of the line of text, and then press "Enter" or "Return."

Note: You might find it works best to press "Enter" or "Return" first and then make your words bigger.  If your template has large sample text, you might need to make your words smaller first, press "Enter" a couple times, and then make the words bigger.

Advanced Settings: Move the Words Up or Down
Click the "More..." button at the far right of the Text Properties box. This will open a new box with advanced settings. Click on the "Paragraph" tab at the top to choose alignment and spacing options.

To move the words up, you want to add space below the words which will force them up in the text box.

move the words up in the text box by changing the number in the below box on the paragraph tab after clicking more on the text properties box

Highlight the bottom line of text ONLY and type "15" in the "Below" box under "Spacing" in the new pop up box. This will add 15 points of space below the bottom line of text, forcing all the words to move up.

** If you highlight ALL the words, you will add 15 points of space below each line which will add a lot of space between the 2 lines of words.

To move the words down, type a number in the "Above" box. This will add space above the text and force the words down.

Take your best guess at how much space you need. You'll probably need to guess a few numbers to get the words exactly how you want. It will depend on how many words you have, which font you used, how big the words are, etc.

Move the Words Left or Right
To move the words left or right, type a number in the "Left" or "Right" boxes under the "Indents" section above.
**To move ALL the words left or right, highlight all the words, not just the top or bottom line.

Adding a number to the "Left" box will add that much space to the left of the text and push the text to the right.

Adding a number to the "Right" box will add that much space to the right of the text & push the text to the left.

Need More Help?

- Read my other editable tutorials for more tips and tricks for editing your files.
- Or find answers in my troubleshooting tips if you're having trouble.
- Or get the edit text add-on and I will edit your text for you.

** All editable files are for PERSONAL USE only.

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