Editable Tutorial: How Do I Move the Words Closer Together?

Some fonts add more space than others between the lines of text.  If you don't like all the space between, you can remove it manually.

Download the file to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader.  (My files will not work on phones or tablets; only on computers.)

Highlight the words.  Open the Text Properties Box by pressing CTRL and E (or CMD and E on a MAC). 
(View alternate way to open the properties box.)

Party Printables Editable Template in Adobe Reader

Click the "More..." button at the far right of the Text Properties box.  This will open a new box with advanced settings.  Click on the "Paragraph" tab at the top to choose alignment and spacing options.

Change the "Line Spacing" from "Single" to "Exactly."  This will probably push the words very tightly together, maybe even overlapping.  Then just experiment with what number you need in the "points" box.  It will vary based on which font you use, and what size the words are.  You'll just need to guess and try a few numbers to see what you like best. 

move the words closer together - click more on the text properties box - choose exactly and change the number

If you want the words back to how they had been, highlight the words and put the "Line Spacing" back to "Single."

If you are having trouble getting the space to change when doing "Exactly," try resetting it back to "Single" and then choosing "Exactly" again (with the words highlighted).  You can also go to Edit > Undo Typing.  Or close out the file, open it up again, and start over. 

You can also follow these tips to move the words farther apart.  Just experiment with how much space you need based on the words you typed.

Editable Templates with Sample Text
If you have a file with sample text and are trying to change to completely new words, sometimes there might be too much space between lines of text.  Please see my tutorial about adding/subtracting space between lines of text.  Click on each line of text and you can see how much space might be added "above" or "below."  You can highlight all the words, and then change "above" and/or "below" to 0.

(On the Text Properties Box, choose the "More" button on the far right.  Make sure you're on the "Paragraph" tab.  "Above" and "Below" are at the bottom left.)

Need More Help?

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** All editable files are for PERSONAL USE only.

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